Sunday, May 12, 2013


This is my son's Mama at school, the vocal music director.  He has her for two hours a day - Men's Choir and Show Choir.  At the Performing Arts banquet, my son was surprised to receive a leadership award for underclassmen!  It was really bittersweet since his vocal music teacher is moving to Houston.  She has lost both parents and a brother in death the past few years and has no more family left nearby.  In her speech at the banquet, she encouraged her students to continue to strive to be the best and to welcome the new teacher in with lots of enthusiasm and less criticism.  She's taught these kids lot of lessons in and out of the classroom.  In fact, she taught all 3 of my kids in the music program.  We will really miss her!  

I love year-end events where so much love and appreciation is spread around!
 His prom date friend got the Girls Leadership award, so they make quite a pair!

Also, I learned that my son had become good friends with this exchange student from Denmark.  I was glad to know he's been kind to others (between you and me, this girl looks like - 30).

My PACE buddies - the gals that I work production meals with, do fundraisers with, and sneak into the auditorium to get peeks of our kids with!  Several of these ladies will "graduate" with their seniors but thankfully our president will still be around to keep me company as we work to support the program.

A song to leave you with from ACT II, the awarding winning show choir, 
directed by our wonderful teacher!


Lori said...

I enjoy reading about all of the end of the year things that are going on there! I'm sure it was really sad with that teacher leaving, too!! Good job, show choir!

Gena said...

I am always reminded by reading your blog that I will probably be here in just a few years. Of course, minus the mountain biking and hiking and running and world traveling.....

Wa Wa Waughs said...

HA. G, you have your own adventuresome life that we all love! Can't wait to see your kiddos in the shows!