Wednesday, May 15, 2013


or call it Pinterest-y, just thought I'd throw an old-fashioned word in there!

This was for my nephew's wife - he's the first little one we were around a lot as a young married couple and he became ours in our minds.  We are thrilled that at 30 years old, they are becoming parents! Her sister gave her a beautiful shower with lots of homemade touches and delicious food:

One of my favorite touches was the hand decorated punch cups!

Pretty decor and yummy food: Chicken salad on croissants, blueberry scones with lemon curd, mini quiches, lemon bars, veggies and dip, and cake.  OH so good!

 Little momma with her MIL, my SIL

My SIL is an awesome seamstress and made a diaper bag full of goodies including these onesies!

Speaking of old-fashioned, they aren't finding out what they are having.  
Kind of refreshing!
So all we know is it will be Fletcher or Mallory!   


Lori said...

Oh, I love the names!! Can't wait to meet the little great-nephew or great-niece!!! :) Beautiful shower. I like homespun, too!

The 5 Arbuckle's said...

That's neat that they didn't find out what they where going to have.