Saturday, August 29, 2015


This is actually the title of one of my sister-in-law's talks from a women's retreat I went to long ago...and I haven't forgotten it!

I was reminded of this when we were in Denver recently and I wanted to get my new favorite donut from VooDoo,  the Mango Tango!  In the store they had made this special donut:

This is in honor of a special plant that recently bloomed at the Denver Botanical Garden! 

 The Corpse plant flower is HUGE, about 10 feet tall, and beautiful.  It's a rare one, only a few exist in the United States in special gardens.  Get this:  it only blooms about every 10 years!  But you can imagine what it smells like, with a name like "Corpse plant."  So interesting!  Something so big and beautiful with such a repulsive smell.  My sis-in-law's lesson reminded me that the aroma we give off should be pleasant and pleasing to God.  There is nothing more repulsive than a physically beautiful person that has a stinky attitude!  

If you're interested in this amazing plant, check out this video!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015


 Meet Tucker.
 Tucker belongs to my SIL and daughter and they are moving to Arizona soon.  We went to help do some moving, and got to meet Tucker.  I am not a dog person.  Mainly because I have been attacked a couple of times.  
 Tucker impressed me because he doesn't bark much or lick you to death!  I decided he might be okay.  We even took him on a walk!

When we went to visit the Grand Canyon one evening, we took Tucker with us.  Tucker liked my lap.  

I decided Tucker was a cool dog.  My family couldn't believe it.
OK, so Tucker did bark.  He barked at all the elk we saw in the park!

Tucker taught me a lesson.  I think sometimes we write people off kinda like me and my prior experiences with dogs.  For a long time I have had no interest in dogs.  I should be more open to new people and give them a chance.  Given a little time you can see good in almost everyone and they'll grow on you...kinda like Tucker.

Thursday, August 20, 2015


The Women's Ministry at our church decided to try an experiment... what would happen if we did a fellowship event with no registration and no food?  In August?  How many would come?

 We had around 50 ladies come and it went really well! I hosted and it was just the right number so we didn't have to have any groups outside.  We used a Shape Personality Quiz as the base for mixing the group up and we also had a scavenger hunt for those shapes around the house.  When they found their shapes on the hunt, they got back together in their groups and read what each one said.  Some had scriptures of encouragement related to their personalities and some were just funny sayings.  It really was a great way to meet new faces and also rekindle some friendships.  After our activities, we ended with a devotional about encouragement and then ended on the patio with singing.  The temperature was perfect outside and everyone really seemed to enjoy it!

Here's to the committee for stepping out there and trying new things and I loved it (speaking as a Squiggle/Circle)!   

Here's the link to the shape quiz - it's lots of fun!  Have a good time laughing at your shape!

Monday, August 17, 2015


We decided it was time to do something to one of the places in our house that has been forgotten...the Master Bathroom.  It's easy to not care about it, since no one ever sees it except us.  But we started thinking about it and decided the floral wallpaper had done it's duty.  The brass needed to go and the wooden cabinets needed paint.  We had wallpapered when we moved in 15 years ago, and my BIL redid the tile.  The tile still looks good. So this was really all just cosmetic. That doesn't mean it was easy, though!  We started in February and worked little bits here and there when we had the time.
The tub - before
Shelves by the tub - before

The Hub's side - before
After - grey paint on the cabinets, walls, new brushed nickel faucets and knobs, and spray-painted light fixture.  
My side - before
My side - after
Toilet room - before

Toilet room after

Some of the fun stuff...

This is one of my favorite improvements - hidden hinges!  It wasn't easy but he did it for me!
In process - we really liked the grey tones and decided to leave the crown molding as-is because it wasn't water damaged and I like the contrast.

Our lovely brass...before

New brushed nickel
New towel warmer
New toilet paper holder - and yes, we kept the phone in was there when we moved in and we thought it was funny, but occasionally the Hubs has to check the weather when he gets up in the morning...AHEM.

New switch plates and electrical covers

Finally, some fresh rugs!  

We are about 90% done  - still trying to figure out what to do with the brass in the shower and on that door.  But it feels nice to have something up-to-date in there!  Of course the color scheme is catching so I ended up getting a new comforter for the bed this summer, too!

Friday, August 14, 2015


When you have three kids in their 20's, you can expect a fair amount of wedding festivities!  We've been to five weddings this summer.  We even tried to plan our summer around them because I really wanted to support these kids that are special to us!  I decided I would post a few pics from each of them on one post.  

Our niece Tara's wedding in a castle in Texas!

I loved the cakes displayed on a vintage dresser.
Some of the table decor that unfortunately wasn't used because of stormy weather.

Kendall & Logan's wedding at a nearby wedding venue.  The wedding was outside and everything else in this barn style reception room.
They had different desserts for the reception.  Cute video guy!  (my boy)

Their photographer took pictures of everyone that went through the food line - which I thought is kind of a neat thing for them to remember who all was there. I love this photographer who somehow didn't get my double chin in the picture!  :)

Pictures on a pallet and home-made laundry soap to take home!  (I already used the soap!)

Evelyn's wedding was the only one indoors - at a church in Tennessee.
Our daughter flew in from Denver!

Lots of friends from OK came to wish her well!

The popcorn bar was one of my favorite things at the reception!

 Here we are back at the local wedding barn venue for Bethany & Bryce!

 My son and a bunch of his high school friends!

They had a little donut tower in addition to Mexican food and parfaits.  

I think this wedding was my favorite and part of it was because I knew many of the guests and hadn't seen some of them for a while.  But they had the most beautiful, sincere vows!  They sent each guest home with a CD of their favorite songs (they are both performers) and I got a succulent from a bridesmaid later.  :)
My son and his GF who was a bridesmaid!

Another beautiful outdoor wedding at the bride's home!  Cassie and Lee said their vows on the side of the yard and a beautiful chandelier hung in the trees.

There was a lot of bling at this wedding and the reception was a dessert reception around the pool in the backyard.  
This final picture is one of all the different chocolate sweets at Lee's shower that I helped with.   Hope you enjoyed the wedding round-up!