Tuesday, April 15, 2014


and you can see why...both my boys have been in lessons or classes for years.  Yes, years.  Daily rehearsals, early morning practices, auditions, contests, concerts, trips...I am going to have to find some new groups to appreciate.

#1 son's last concert with New Reign Sunday night!

With his girlfriend and his Gram!


 Contest at OU last Wednesday with son #2 - they received all 1's, including sight-reading!

Saturday, April 12, 2014


A 30 year old sports car...from this friend's Dad...one of his stipulations when my son bought it was that he not get killed in it or I would never forgive him.  Good advice...

The old blue truck you see is also his...I think he was born in the wrong time period.  He loves the old ones!  Hopefully he'll learn how to work on them and enjoy them.  Reminds me a little of my Dad.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014


I don't normally get into games on Facebook, and I don't even really know what "words with friends" is - just thought it sounded like a good title for my post today.

A friend of mine from school wanted to do something before Easter to help her think about God.  She is going through the alphabet with a new letter each day, and asks people to comment with a word or phrase beginning with that letter on the Attributes of God.

I wasn't really expecting to gain anything from it except for her to know that I'm a believer, too!  But every day I think about the letter and start to brainstorm words.  I meditate about those words in my quiet time or my walk.  Sometimes the word I think of, someone else has already posted.  So I have to think even more...not a bad thing!

It's really been a great exercise.  Songs have come to mind that I haven't sung in a long time.  Meditating on a single word takes my mind on a journey of thoughts about God.  I enjoy reading others' comments and thinking about their descriptions of God.  Try something new sometime, you might just be surprised at the benefits!

Attributes of God! Today's letter is K.
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Facebook, you do have some redeeming qualities!

Sunday, April 6, 2014


 I am caught up in the CHALKBOARD CRAZE, and sold the idea as a theme for our Performing Arts Banquet here in about a month!  I was thinking we could have one on each table and write phrases about music and drama and our shows this year.  Unfortunately, the cute shaped chalkboards I wanted to use as part of the centerpiece on the tables are no longer in stock!

So I had to move to plan B...since we had already gotten this cute invitation designed, I was sticking with the Chalkboard theme.

I ended up on the Hobby Lobby 90% off aisle, where all strange decorative items go to die...and found these for $1.00 each!

I was able to pop off the letter on them, and after a little scraping, I thought they were ready to paint with chalkboard paint.  But no, the two different surfaces didn't paint the same.  I ended up cutting a rectange of contact paper and putting it on top to make it smooth.  Anyway, it worked, and I now have chalkboards!  

This is the one I put contact paper on, before painting it.  I was so excited to write on it, I didn't "cure" it first.  So you can see some junk on the background of it.  I won't make that mistake again.

This was a metal sign that was pink and had a phrase about shopping on it.  Two coats of chalkboard paint later... I love it!  

I may start chalkboard painting lots of other stuff!  Now if I can just learn some of those great lettering techniques, our banquet signs will be really cute.

Thursday, April 3, 2014


Yesterday I got a call to babysit my great nephew!  Is he not adorable?  I was so excited!  It was only for an hour (his mother broke me in easy).  It's been so long since I kept a crawling baby I wasn't even sure what to do...

We had a lot of fun playing with toys I got out from long ago, petting the cat, grabbing leaves in the backyard, playing the piano, and seeing Unc at work in his office.  No time for dirty diapers either.

Made my day.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014


In the blink of an eye, it happened.  Yesterday they were freshmen, and now these kids are seniors in college soon to be graduated!  They are from five different states and their future jobs range from doctors and nurses to teachers and businessmen.  A few creative ones in there too!  They are all friends or were roommates of my son that we enjoyed having in our home the last few years.  So thankful for their perseverance and happy for their accomplishments!  Even more than that, these are the kind of kids that give you hope for the future. 
 May the Lord bless you and keep you all!

Saturday, March 29, 2014


Yesterday was kind of unusual...and we are gearing up for some more today!  Our college son asked us if some friends of his could use our house for filming (they are video production majors) and we said "sure."  We've let our son do this before but there were only a few people involved.  This time it's about 10 + teacher and lots of equipment!  Kinda crazy!  I think the teacher came to grade each one performing their part of the production.  Thankful for that...  We escaped for a few hours by going to a movie we knew nothing about.  Noah - if you're looking forward to a biblical account, forget it.

 Equipment everywhere
 Kids everywhere

My Easter decor they moved, mixed in with a few pizzas...time to escape!

We also attended the funeral of a woman from church who died suddenly of a heart attack.  I wish I had known her better but she and her husband had moved here from Shawnee a few years ago to be closer to their kids.  She was an actress, a respected teacher, and loving grandmother.  It was a very interesting service, with her spouse wearing a white tuxedo!  The family had asked everyone to wear bright Easter colors.  Her birthday was always around Easter and she died around Easter and believed in our resurrected Savior, Jesus Christ.  So appropriate.  Yesterday, the day of her funeral, was the day they had planned to leave on vacation for a European cruise.  Life happens and plans change.  It was a reminder to us to always be ready and we left encouraged to live our lives more like Him.