Friday, June 15, 2018


My youngest son and his fiancee were just given the loveliest shower from my friends at church!
Lots of fun moments to remember!



A visit from a college professor they had last semester!

 Sandy made them a very cool ornament!

 More family

 Face timing the parents!

It's always a blessing to have friends, especially on days like this!  :)

Monday, June 11, 2018


The Hubs and I had an interesting experience this week...and it caused me to think how my emotions can change on a dime.  We went from a wonderful night of worship to witnessing a store burglary!  We went from a spiritual high to a worldly low in a matter of minutes.  As much as I enjoyed singing and worshipping, my mood quickly turned to anger.

We were at a local store and being helped at the check out station, when a young couple nonchalantly walked out with a basket piled high with merchandise.  I remember two large pillows on top.  The checker said to them, "May I help you?"  One of the couple mumbled something, and they continued going on out the door.  It was surreal.  No one ran after them, no alarms went off and the checker called someone who came a few seconds later.  She went outside, to which she  quickly came back in and said they had taken off.  Our checker did not know what to do, and the police eventually came.  So totally strange and maddening!  It really upset me that hardly anything was done and how because of selfishness this happens so much more than it should.  The cool attitude of the couple at what they were doing upset me, too.  It makes me think of my hard-working kids who plug away making an honest living.  Seems like justice never comes for so many criminals!  Prices are driven higher due to loss and passed on to us!  So many problems in this world...

It just reminded me that this world is broken, and it is our job to pray for those causing problems and to help where we can.  If justice does come,we can support it, and if not, we are told that God will take care of it.  Don't let Satan steal your joy, cause bitterness, or cause you to lose hope. Lately our minister has mentioned in his sermons how we seem to let our emotions control us, and it's so true with me.  I don't know what we could have done the other night during this problem, but I realized later that I could continue to dwell on it, or rant about it,  let it get me upset, OR pray about it instead!

Let's PRAY over our world's PROBLEMS!

Wednesday, June 6, 2018


Blonde Brownies have been my go-to quick dessert for many years now!  It was the one I turned to when the kids had lots of friends over and I could produce them in 30 minutes. I still love them and was thrilled to see one of the latest Cooking Light magazines featuring a healthier version.  So they may sound weird, but they're great!  Much healthier, getting some protein and fiber from the chickpeas - and only 1/3 cup of flour in the whole pan!