Monday, February 27, 2017


Got to tag along with The Hubs on a business trip to San Diego last week!  We stayed on Coronado Island this time - I'd been here before so I skipped the Hotel Del and just got to know the town.  It really feels like an adventure when you are biking or riding the bus solo! They are very bicycle friendly and I biked under the bridge, alongside the golf course and million dollar homes, past marinas, military men training, and on the Bayshore Bikeway to the Silver Strand State Beach.   I had a few hours to myself each day and it was nice to have no real itinerary!

Monday, February 20, 2017


Son #1 has been busy this past year!  A documentary (his first) he's been working on is getting ready to be revealed this weekend.  When he showed us the trailer recently, it really excited me because last winter I was part of a women's Wednesday night class called "Getting Creative with God," where we learned about and explored different forms of creativity and how it relates to our personal walk with God. We got away from the normal lecture type class and did a lot of fun hands-on activities! 

This project is similar in exploring our creativity and our relationship with The Creator,  and I'm thrilled the singer/songwriter asked him to go with her on this journey!   Check out the trailer:

Tuesday, February 14, 2017


An unseasonably warm winter - just the way I like it!  We biked Saturday and it was in the 60's in the morning.  By afternoon it had climbed into the 80's!  After biking on January 4 (I think that was the warm day in January) and then this past weekend, we decided we should go for a goal:  Take a bike ride in every month of the year!  Hopefully we'll get to do it!  We'll document on Instagram.
 This is on 4th street in OKC - close to Bricktown - it's our favorite downhill on the way back!
 One of the many sights along our way from Katy Trail to Bricktown.
 The best thing about our bike rides is it's usually followed by something tasty - these are the crepes at One Cafe in Edmond.  They aren't very colorful but they are filled with goodies!

Wednesday, February 8, 2017


This year I don't have ONE WORD.  I have three:  Pursue His Presence.  I was listening online to a speaker and she mentioned this in her talk.  I grabbed hold of those three little words and knew that was a beautiful way to express what I want to focus on in my spiritual life.

Forget the dictionary, I know what PURSUE means.  To go after, to seek without stopping, to keep trying...and not get discouraged when things interrupt me and make me feel like I've failed.

I wrote it on my kitchen sign the other day for all the world to see.  At least, all the people in my little world!  Then decided to go for it and show the world.  Maybe it will encourage someone else to have a word, a phrase, or something that will encourage them to focus on bigger than themselves.