Sunday, January 4, 2015


There's so much to tell you, or should I say, write about, and I want to remember every little detail about this special time in our family that just happened...

Still on the wedding high, so I can't even really think straight except to  say maybe I'll have to make several posts and draw this thing out for a I'll just apologize right now if that's self-serving to you!

Three days before - Monday:   We headed to Denver early in the morning.  We had packed our car to the gills with wedding decorations, presents that they couldn't fit in their car from a shower, and our own luggage.  After getting there, we met our daughter and her fiancee for dinner and gave them their Christmas gift - a WS Rapid-boil pot that they had registered but we ourselves are thinking we need!  Went by her apartment and saw some more goodies that they had received and got to see the wedding dress - my dress she had restyled. It looked more beautiful than I had imagined!  She told us she needed a slip, super glue, and tiny pearls for her dress.  My last-minute list had started.

 We had rented a house through vrbo about one block from the venue.  We loved being close and and also the fact that the house slept 10 people!  We filled it up.  We had room to work on wedding things that we couldn't fit in the car or could only be done the day before.

Two days before - Tuesday:  The Hubs and I went out and ran some errands.  We stopped off at the donut shop, paid our bill for the wedding, and sampled a couple of donuts.  We shopped Target for miscellaneous items needed, and went to a grocery stores where they had pears for $.99 pound.  We bought 90 pounds of pears for the wedding.  We then headed to a flower wholesaler where we bought almost $200 of flowers for the bouquets, boutonnieres, and corsages.  We were unsuccessful in finding a full slip for our daughter.  We decided we needed to go to a bridal shop, so after picking up one of the bridesmaids at the airport, she and I went into David's bridal and bought a half-slip.  Everything was coming together nicely! Our boys arrived with my mother and their girlfriends, in another of our cars that held the same - more decorations, luggage, ski gear, and lots of live greenery riding on the bumper!
Yummy donuts from our donut caterer, "Glazed and Confused" - they had lots of flavors, including Maple bacon, Sweet & salty, and Samoan.  Thankful this donut shop decided to work New Year's morning!
The flower wholesale shop was overwhelming to me!  But a sweet friend of mine assured me I could do the flowers for the wedding.  I wasn't going to spend the average $1000 on flowers, so I taught myself from youtube how to make what we needed.

90 lbs. of pears!


OK Chick said...

I'm excited to read all the post about the wedding.

Lori said...

I love seeing all of these posts! Some of it I knew...some I didn't! I would love to go to a wholesale flower shop!! Maybe some day! :)

Amy Arbuckle said...

Youtube can be very helpful. I may need your help some day. Can't wait to see more.