Tuesday, November 27, 2012


FROM MY COLLEGE SON:  Do you know the population of Japan has so many aged people that sales of adult diapers have surpassed baby diapers?

FROM MY SISTERS-IN-LAW:  Never admit that you don't do dishes without dishwashing gloves. (I am usually the food putter upper and table setter)  But I think I know what they are getting me for Christmas this year!   :(

FROM MY DAUGHTER'S BOYFRIEND:  Guys with dreadlocks can be extremely sweet and polite.

FROM MY GREAT NEPHEW:  Spit-up always happens when you are wearing a new scarf.

FROM MY BROTHER-IN-LAW:  It's okay to reveal that someone's pregnant during a prayer!

FROM MY OTHER BROTHER-IN-LAW:  Preachers aren't necessarily compassionate card players.

FROM MY 13 YR OLD NEPHEW:  Pink casts are cool.

FROM GOD:  My mouth still gets me into trouble sometimes!


dwaugh said...

Hah. I like this mom!

Lori said...

We learn something new every day! You'll never live down the dishwashing gloves! :)

Michelle said...

so someone revealed they were pregnant during a prayer? That's a neat idea to start things off!

Amy said...

That was great!
Sounds like a very interesting Thanksgiving!!