Tuesday, November 20, 2012


This past weekend was packed with lots of little things...like my husband wanting to start remodeling another bathroom!  I'm just not ready...since the last one took us 9 months.  :)

I convinced him that if we took out these doors the bathroom would instantly look better.

 Of course, I was right!  Why didn't we do this years ago???

 I had made this orange shower curtain to cover up those doors a while back,  but it just felt a lot better and cleaner with those doors off!
He installed this curved rod
and a new shower head!
 Hard for me to think about redoing this bathroom because I let my daughter redecorate it about 7 years ago.  She and her friend painted  neon green over the wall paper and we re-framed the mirrors with noodles!  Just kinda fun!

While he was busy working on that I was out and about, and won this cool bag at my friend's Creative Memories Open House!

Sunday, the hubs took his CORE group from church out to the shooting range!
                                               They started off here with some good eats...
 Cheeseburgers!  Kinda thankful it doesn't take much to impress the boys...

Other news:   I wanted to show you that even my Christmas Cactus is ahead of the game!  Isn't it gorgeous?  I just love it!


Amy said...

It looks great!! WHat fun having all those boys around to feed. HOW do you get your Christmas cactus to bloom? Mine is so sad and colorless.
The cupcake cups are by PaperChef and they are parchment tulip cups. So cute. Have a blessed Thanksgiving friend! Amy

The 5 Arbuckle's said...

You've been busy.

Summer Lashley said...

I literally LLIVE for the day my husband asks to remodel something. I'm so eager I never give him the chance.

And that's a great ides about removing the shower doors - you're right, instant improvement.

Now I'm off to wake Andy up and tell him my new great idea!