Sunday, November 4, 2012


Saturday was a pretty full day for us.  We said goodbye to our 15 year old turtle, Tiny.  Not sure, but I guess he died of old age.  I've always liked turtles - had one when I was a kid but secretly I confess I'm a little excited I can finally get rid of that humongous aquarium!

My youngest son has never really remembered life without a turtle in the house.  He said he would give a 16 minute eulogy.  I told him 16 seconds was enough.  He was quite eloquent on the spur of the moment.  Made me a proud mama!

We went to a New Reign Reunion Concert featuring New Reign members past and present singing lots of great songs - here's a sample ( our son second from left):


Then we watched the homecoming musical at OC - Seussical!  It was really entertaining, especially with my friend Kalee playing the Sour Kangaroo!

All the fun stuff at the end of the day made up for the sad occasion earlier.  But we have confidence that Tiny the turtle has gone to that beautiful pond in the sky!  :)


Amy said...

What a colorful and musical life you live. Sorry about the turtle. Shall I send you another through the mail? :)

Catherine said...

Poor little Tiny. Oh well, good memories, I'm sure.

Lori said...

Oh, poor Tiny! I guess he wasn't just hibernating! Glad you got to attend the two musical events. I'm sure both were great!

Gena said...

Wow, that is an old turtle! I'm so sorry for your loss, yet elated at the absence of a huge aquarium in your house. I get it.