Wednesday, August 8, 2012


I had seen this on a friend's Facebook the other day but didn't know what it meant. He had posted somewhat mysterious things before but I never asked him about it.  I'm friends with his kids, too, and knew he was dying of liver cancer (diagnosed just a few weeks ago) but I finally got to find out what GTIOTMJIL meant at his memorial service.

Sweet Gene

I think I would like to be known for something like GTIOTMJIL, wouldn't you?

It was his special saying, his code, his life-every day.  I knew him as my friend's Dad mostly- a happy guy who always took time for others.  I knew him as a lead guitar and singer in a country band, entertaining a lot in the 80's at church picnics and other venues.  I remember him changing the lyrics of some country songs to make them more acceptable!  A wonderful way to blend your Christianity with  entertainment.

But I got to hear much more about him at the funeral.  Got to hear how he wrote his wife love notes almost every day - what a romantic!  Got to hear how he randomly helped people, how he gave hay away to some folks that needed it, even if they couldn't pay for it.  Got to hear  more about his walk with God.  I shared this link of him singing the other day on Facebook, but it's worth hearing one more time.

Here's a song they had sung at the funeral - an oldie but the words really spoke to me this time:

To love someone more dearly every day,
To help a wandering child to find his way,
To ponder o’er a noble thought and pray,
And smile when evening falls,
And smile when evening falls:
This is my task.
To follow truth as blind men long for light,
To do my best from dawn of day till night,
To keep my heart fit for His holy sight,
And answer when He calls,
And answer when He calls:
This is my task.
And then my Savior by and by to meet,
When faith hath made her task on earth complete,
And lay my homage at the Master’s feet,
Within the jasper walls,
Within the jasper walls:
This crowns my task.
lyrics by Maude Ray

What are your tasks today?  Do they align with his will?  Blessings to you.


Amy said...

So wonderful. The words are comforting. He sounds like he was a great man in the Lord. His daughter is a sweetheart too.

Lori said...

Love this! What a sweet memory to have of a man who seemed to have lived his Christianity out in his every day life!

Alyssa said...

Wish I had had a chance to meet him.