Tuesday, July 10, 2012


they've gone about as fer as they can go...oops sorry.  That song was running through my brain this past weekend while we were there!

We (my mother, sister and I) had a lot of fun checking out the city for the first time.  My mother had been there before, but we had not.  Which is surprising to me now that I have seen all it has to offer!  Forgive me if you've seen all this fun stuff before - Pay attention if you haven't!
The Hallmark Cards tour - FREE and fun!  Loved the Christmas tree room.  I wish I had taken my kids to the Hallmark Crown Center when they were young.  So many neat things for kids to do here!  Maybe it wasn't that way in the 90's though...
WWI museum and memorial - well done - and I learned a lot!
View of Kansas city and Union Station from the WWI Memorial
Eating at Webster House - an old school building restored into a restaurant/antique shop!
Even the bathrooms were gorgeous at Webster House - yes my sister thinks I'm nuts - but we bloggers have to share the wonders of the world!
My favorite activity!  The Steamboat sunk in 1856 in the Missouri River near here.  A family dug it up 23 years ago and the contents are on display - they say it's like walking into Walmart 130 years ago, and they're right.  So interesting.  Lots of interesting tools, clothes, and even china dishes to see.  The bonus was that Mr. Hawley (one of the men who dug it up) himself came into the theater where we watched a movie and talked to the group and answered questions!  He is now 82 years old.  We were all in awe of him!

We did find a couple of unique stores that I loved:  Pryde's and Planter's.  Forget the big box stores and malls!  Loved this chandelier made out of whisks at Pryde's.
Union Station - another FREEBIE we enjoyed!  The model train exhibit was excellent! I can't believe I'm telling you I like model trains...but you just have to see it yourself!  

This is an interesting church building in Independence, where we stayed.  I wonder what they are trying to say with that fancy architecture...but I like what the sign says.

The day we left we stopped to take pictures at Country Club Plaza - it turned out to be such a fun Girls Trip and a great way to celebrate Mom's 70th birthday!


Lori said...

Looks like a lot of fun and so many interesting things to see. Thanks for the pictures and recommendations! I've only been once - to the "Worlds of Fun" amusement park.

Alyssa said...

Does look like lots of fun! Only been to KC once. And did not manage to check all those things off my list. Fun times!

The 5 Arbuckle's said...

We drive through all the time and never stop.

I have taken pictures in the bathroom's at quilt shops. Yes, I was taking pictures of quilts they had hanging in the bathroom.