Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Well, one of the big things that has been consuming my life lately is over!  Successfully finished!  I took on the task of decorating for the Performing Arts banquet.  It is one of the highlights of the year for the senior students, the teachers and parents.  I've been to plenty of them through the years, and of course, I wanted this one to shine and be really special in some way...only I didn't know what theme or how exactly I would do that.  Anyway, I have loved the chalkboard crafts I've seen and decided we would go with classic colors:  black & white with accents of red.  So chalkboards would fit right in.  We came up with this theme:

After all my efforts, I didn't even get a great shot of the table centerpieces, but they were a grouping of several things:  contrasting fabric, square mirrors, candle with hurricane globes, rose in a bud vase, a black and white frame with the theme written inside, and of course, a small chalk board!  (Most of my time was gathering supplies or painting stuff with chalkboard paint or making tassels) On each chalkboard we had written different quotes that would have meaning for this school year.  We had quotes from the shows we did:  Peter Pan, Footloose, and also things the performing arts teachers constantly say...

My friend Patty made my dream come true!  She did the writing on almost all the signs, and I helped a little with borders.  Isn't she amazing?  I borrowed some big chalkboards from our church and we decorated them up, hoping the kids would use them for pictures.  We also put some fabric on the wall for a photo backdrop along with lots of props.  

My friend decorated the arch with deco-mesh and we made the sign.

The other side of the centerpiece had these frames  - 
they were from another year's banquet and the colors worked, so I used them.

My son with some friends by one of the chalkboards

Lots of awards given that night and here was a special one - my son ended up Choir King!  The king and queen are voted on by the students, so that means a lot.  Oddly enough, the queen had on a green dress so they made quite a pair!

 Lots of picture-taking afterwards!  
But the drama teacher claims she "doesn't do pictures..."

These two friends have been in PACE with me the whole time and they're not finished yet!
I received some beautiful roses for my volunteer work over the years!  
Totally unexpected - this night is for the teachers and seniors!

Finally, the banquet committee - I made them try out my photo corner!  

So now I am officially done with the chalkboard craze...


Michelle said...

It looks so fun! The writing turned out great! Good job!

Barb said...

Looks wonderful! You're so creative. Wish we had known your theme. We just threw out the huge chalkboard we made for Kayla's wedding that had been in our garage for 2 1/2 yrs!

Amy said...

You are so creative- wish I had just a little of it. :)
It was all really beautiful!

Summer Lashley said...

This is amazing! Love it.

Lori said...

btIt turned out great!! I was looking forward to the pictures :). I decided to do chalkboards for the Teacher of the Year reception next Friday!