Monday, May 26, 2014


in all the hubbub of graduations recently, my son decided it was prime time to open a business!  Yes, the senior in high school who has worked his "Odd Jobs" business for the past 4 years has a legit business now, with the tax I.D.  to prove it!  I didn't really have much to do with it, in fact, I was the one trying to put the wet blanket on it.  My husband is more of a risk taker and was behind him all the way...which makes me sound horrible but somebody has to talk sensibly around here!

Yes, he is now the proud owner of Skooby Konz, a snow-cone stand.  The previous owner had it for ten years, and it paid for his college.  He has been very helpful and has worked hard, branding it with the Scooby Doo theme...

I am learning to like snow cones!

Oh, and did I mention it includes the Mystery Machine?

So I have passed through the embarrassment stage and have embraced this.  I even gave up some space in my laundry room for snow cone flavors.  But my one stipulation is that the Mystery Machine cannot be in our driveway.  It has to be parked in the garage when it's here.  

Kids may love it, but I don't want to get 
kicked out of the neighborhood! :)


OK Chick said...

That's awesome!!!! I will have to visit very soon. The snow cone stand is close to my house.

Unknown said...

That's funny about the van having to be in the garage! He'll do great!