Monday, December 16, 2013


After surviving another holiday weekend of wonderful activities, it looks attractive.  But you know there will be other things to do then - picnics and fireworks and vacations...thank goodness we have some cold weather to wear our Ugly Christmas Sweaters!

Friday night was spent with our little neighbors who aren't so little anymore!  We made lots of goodies while their parents had a night out...

Saturday was fun too, with my Christian sisters making some crafts and goody bags to take to the local nursing center.  We didn't have a great number this year due to weather rescheduling, but it was enough to make 83 doorknob decorations and goody bags and plenty of us to sing Christmas carols to the residents!


Sunday night was our annual Couples Bunko party!  We hosted (remember I told you I was having 3 parties?) and it was great fun as always - nice to have a group of people you don't have to worry about exactly what you do, you know they will have a good time regardless of what the menu is, what games you play, or what gift they get!
Prizes go to:
 the Ugliest sweater
 Most teacher-like

 Most bells and whistles!
If you can't tell, the hubs is wearing the 12 Days of Christmas!  

Have a blessed week and don't get too worn out on holiday fun!


Amy said...

What fun parties! You are amazing. Have a blessed and wonderful Christmas friend! Your card was so great! Thank you.

Unknown said...

The Christmas sweater pictures were great! Glad you survived! See you soon :).