Friday, December 13, 2013


We went to a business Christmas party last night...which hasn't happened for about 12 years!  The company my husband works for has a home base in California, so the Oklahoma group just hadn't done much through the years.  The last time we had done something was in 2001, I think, and we went to Tulsa to meet with that office, eat and we saw a really crude comedian.  This was so much better!  We went to a nice restaurant in OKC in the Colcord Hotel, called Flint.  This was all because one of the wives had gotten a new red dress and wanted to wear it somewhere, so her husband organized the party!  I was excited because I don't have many opportunities to dress up or go to nice restaurants.  It was fun and I enjoyed visiting with some new people.  So I am subjecting you to my dress up, Flint food, and OKC lights pictures:

 Me and the hubs - I actually darkened my eyebrows with a pencil for the first time because they have faded, I think.  Not sure if I like it or not.  
 If you weren't aware, this old hotel has been restored and is beautiful!
 Pecan crusted Sea bass on risotto, Chef's special of the night
Vegetarian pasta with Acorn squash ravioli - loved it!  I'm gonna have to try making the pasta!
 Driving by Devon to see the balls and lights and big pine cones in the lobby!

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Michelle said...

How fun, Flint is a place I want to try. I need to look at their menu