Friday, September 7, 2012


Getting back together with the old gang...this time in Seattle!  We have now vacationed with these folks in Oklahoma, Arkansas, Colorado, Missouri, South Carolina, New York, Washington D.C. and now Washington state.  Such a blessing every time we get together.  We have a bond that goes 29 years deep - through mutual faith in God and commitment to marriage.  Our friendship has survived moves and raising kids and even some tragedies with a sweet admiration and encouragement for each other.
At Pike Place Market
One of the best things we did was go on a Food Tour at the market.  Our guide was Leslie, and she was terrific!  She told us about the history of the 100 yr old market (can't believe they almost tore it down in the 70's to build a hockey rink) and took us to some lesser known food stalls and stores.  We tasted everything from salmon to crumpets to truffle oil!
I'm a Chihuly fan, and the Chihuly garden and museum just opened a month ago at the base of the Space Needle!  It's incredible and I had never seen one of his installations outside in a garden setting.  Breathtaking!  The sculptures just come to life and remind me of plants and animals.
My hubby took this of the Space Needle in the reflection of one of the glass balls.  Love it.

All of us (including one of our 12 kids who WANTED to come on the trip) eating Thai.

The troll under the bridge at Fremont didn't scare us away!

We didn't ride this but got a view from a boat ride - it's fairly new and they told us the one black car is special - if you pay for that one you get a glass bottom car - no thank you on that one!  The boat ride was good and informative, too, just had a hard time hearing the speaker over the drunk Texans!

Somebody was pole dancing on the trolley...our silly husbands!

The last night - the brave ones of the group eating oysters!
Oh, this is out of order but I had to include it.  A perfect view of Mt. Rainier from my plane window!  I didn't know how special this was until we were told that you can only see the mountain about 90 days a year, and many of those days it is hazy with clouds.  It stands about a mile higher than anything else around.  Amazing.

I decided Seattle is pretty neat but even better is the time spent with these friends.  I think it could easily pass as a Marriage Enrichment Seminar for all of us.  We always worship with a private devotional on Sundays and it's so sweet.  Good for all of us and it's how God meant the church to be - Christians loving and supporting one another through thick and thin!


Michelle said...

How fun! We went to Seattle 5 years ago when Jeremy was in a friend's wedding. We hope to go back when we have more time to explore with them, although all the wedding activities were great. You can see Mt. Ranier from his sister's house, so beautiful!

Amy said...

What a wonderful trip! Gorgeous pictures too.

Elizabeth Mullins said...

Joshua and I went to Seattle the summer before we found out we were pregnant with Joshua! We loved every bit of it. We even went up into Canada to see the Buchart Gardens. Your pictures are awesome and I love the fact that you all get together each year! You all are such great examples!

Gena said...

I love this. I agree with Elizabeth. You two are such role models for so many following in your footsteps. I just want to replicate your marriage, your relationship with your kids, and your love of God and life and having fun (in my own life). Great pictures Robin.

The 5 Arbuckle's said...

Very cool reason to take a trip with friends.