Wednesday, September 19, 2012


A great piece of advice gained from the Ladies' RefresHER program last night!  It was a wonderful presentation from 3 generations of a family in our congregation, with a wonderful theme:
                                            Piecing Together the Generations!

One of the keys when we started RefresHER was to be creative with our limited resources (because we had no budget!) . Five years and almost 20 events later, I still agree with this and am glad many in our church are like-minded when it comes to where we should spend $$$.  Last night's program was a great example using quilts collected from members, burlap tablecloths donated from a wedding,  and home-made favors, recipe clips.  So the "money doesn't make memories" holds true for RefresHER as well as families.    It was another good evening with encouraging words for all generations.
Here's the 3 Generations!   They talked to us in a "Conversation around the table" style.  They told us stories, philosophies on parenting, families, and about traditions they had that holds their family together.
Most of the work last night was by my fellow blog buddy, AMY and her crew!  I hope I'm not stepping on her toes because she'll probably post some pics of this, too.  So you guys click on over and visit her. :)
Here's how the stage area looked with the quilts.  The blue duck quilt on the left was a gift to my daughter at her baby shower by one of our elder's wives.  In fact, Gladys made 5 of these displayed and many more through the years.  I'm guessing she's around 90 years old now and is still attending showers.  What a great example to us all.

I hope you have a blessed day and take some time to thank God for the women mentors and encouragers in your life!  Go and make some memories.  Challenge yourself and do it without money!  


OK Chick said...

Great message. I couldn't agree does not make memories.

Lori said...

Really neat! The speakers are a bit like it will be at the QMCC Ladies' Retreat....3 generations and then another granddaughter. I like that idea. Neat theme and decor!

The 5 Arbuckle's said...

I'm glad you got good pictures of the tables. I didn't. My mom will see this since she reads your blog regularly.