Friday, September 21, 2012


Maybe you remember me telling you about a new endeavor my husband and I started last school year...leading a small group in the church high school class.  It was something I enjoyed, but kinda second guessed if I was very effective at times.  Our group of 8 was very quiet.  You know, during those times I would ask questions and the reply was silence, I wondered if I was getting through to them.  Maybe they just weren't awake.  Anyway, we decided to continue this year and just got our new groups.  I have 2 of the same girls from last year, but 13 more, - yes, that makes a total of 15!!!   I can tell this year will be a total change.  Lots of energy and chit-chat on the first day.  I'm looking forward to it!

I know what you're week I'll be complaining that I can't get a word in edge-wise.

I had the evening to myself so I decided to be a little pinterest-y between listening to THIS SERMON from my brother-in-law and THIS VERSION of "How Great is our God".  (A great cross between the  praise song and The Lion King theme song if you ask me!)

What did we ever do without computers?  I'm addicted to this little box that sits on my kitchen counter!

Here's what I made for my girls:
 Scripture bookmarks out of paint chip samples

Blessings for your weekend!


Amy said...

WHat a cool idea! Love the bookmarks. Sounds like a more talkative group. I bet it will go great!!

Lori said...

Yippee for chatter! :) Thanks for the reminder to listen to that sermon since I was at MRCC Sunday! Love the bookmarks, too.

Michelle said...

Very nice! Amazing what people do with paint chips!