Saturday, October 31, 2015


I had a dream last night.  In the dream I was sitting in an auditorium at a rehearsal.  I was not auditioning, maybe it was for one of my kids...and the next song was supposed to be sung by a lady close to my age.  Something happened and she couldn't sing, so someone there suggested me to take her place.  I was really excited!  I love to sing and consider myself a pretty good singer.  I thought I knew the song well enough.

So everyone in the scene lined up and I did too.  The music began and I paraded out there behind a child who was slow, which caused me to miss the first phrase of my song.  Then I squeaked out a few notes, then totally forgot the words to the song.

"CUT!" That was what I heard.  No, "let's try it one more time," or anything like that.  Just cut the song.  I was devastated!  Even though I hadn't prepared to audition, I had gotten excited about it and thought I could wing it.

Of course I couldn't go back to sleep for a long time after that.  I began to think about the dream and pray.  I thanked God that I don't have to audition for his kingdom!  We don't have to learn anything special or prepare or try out.  Everyone that wants to be in the show makes it!

Pretty sweet gig.

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