Sunday, October 4, 2015


The Women's Ministry at our church is having a "Skills Night" soon!  It is a time for women to get together and teach introductory skills to others, including: sewing, cake decorating, even first aid and smart phone tips! I decided to to showcase my skills and made this little sign out of burlap for our registration table.  I thought it came out pretty good since I freehanded it (no pattern).
We wanted to have a fake cake on the table so I made this out of a styrofoam form from Hobby Lobby, joint compound, and caulk.  I then took it to the gal who will teach Basics of Cake Decorating to add some decor to it.  It looks VERY real!  
Finally, I went to a ladies retreat this past weekend and enjoyed making several crafts - these little pumpkins were what I made.  I especially like the canning jar lid one and it literally took me 10 minutes!  My kinda craft!


Amy said...

What a great idea to have a skills night. I think I will suggest that here! Miss talking to you! Wow- life is crazy, but good.

Lori said...

I saw the little SKILLS NIGHT embroidered thing on the table Monday. So cute! I may have missed the cake or maybe it wasn't still there. Anyway....I hope the night is a great success!