Tuesday, November 3, 2015


Chocolate Whopper cookies from Foster's Market! I liked the restaurant so much I visited twice!  I was so excited to find the restaurant/market's actual recipe online HERE.

Contrary to what they sound like, they do not have Whoppers candy in them.  They do have a delicious blend of dark/semisweet chocolate, pecans, and espresso powder!  I think the espresso powder is what made me love them, even though I'm not a coffee lover.  I LOVE dark chocolate and the espresso gives it more of that dark taste.  To make these, I looked at three stores for instant Espresso powder and finally found it at Wal-mart.  The recipe only makes a dozen, but since they are as big as a cupcake, one a day should do!

Ha - they look like hamburger patties in this picture!  Let me assure you they are wonderful!  They turned out a little flatter than the ones at Foster's Market but they tasted just as good.  My new go-to for any party that calls for fancy cookies!


Amy said...

They look wonderful!! will have to give it a go.

Lori said...

Lots of good recipes on that site!