Thursday, October 8, 2015


With the recent articles and updates on "Hurricane Katrina victims, 10 years later" it makes it hard to ignore the fact that my family is celebrating 10 years after my husband's "hurricane relief accident!"

Life 10 years ago looked so different!  My kids were 10, 14, and almost 16 years of age.  Life was busy.  We were in many different activities and my main job was keeping it all straight and being their taxi driver.  The Hubs had a good job and enjoyed working on different projects, including disaster relief with a group at church.  The kids were old enough to know what was happening and remember it.  Thank goodness for our faith we were (and still are) plugged into a church that seeks to live and serve like Jesus!  When the Hubs was crushed by that tree people came out of the woodwork - no pun intended - to help us!

There were things that happened right before the accident that I wondered about later.  We just had family pictures made, and I wondered, "Was that our last family picture?"  We had gone on a 2 week driving vacation to California that summer and I thought, "Wow, I'm glad we did that because he may not be up to doing something like that ever again..."  I felt like God prepared me the month before as I struggled with a couple of weird situations and a vein surgery that didn't work and asked my CWBS group to pray for me just 2 days before the accident.  The Friday night I had "all to myself" with the kids spending the night with friends and how I enjoyed my quiet time, watching a movie, scrapbooking and eating chocolate cake from my favorite place while he was gone on the hurricane relief trip.  God blessed me with a time of relaxation before the busyness of hospitals, surgeries, and recovery began.  So many things come to mind...

So many God-things - blessings amidst the pain:  The helmet he took that day, even though he had not worn one previous days.  The tree falling on the strongest part of his body, his pelvis.  A friend who had paramedic training was there almost immediately after the tree fell on him.  Friends who flew me down to Galveston via private plane which was crazy since it was OU-Texas weekend.  The doctors who told me they took care of everything that was going to kill him in an hour.  My mother who was able to just move in and take care of the kid's temporary needs.  Learning to assert myself with the hospital staff.  Christians near and far praying, loving, and taking care of us.  It was a horrible, wonderful time and I'm so extremely thankful that today we can look back and smile about it.  You hear people say that and it's true now.

Thanks for reading today and I pray you can look back over times in your life that God has brought you through the pain and you can see the blessings.

Good old-fashioned scrapbooking, huh?


Mark Brewer said...

Very, very, very happy for you both and you all. Blessings.

Amy said...

Wow. So thankful that God brought you guys through that and it is wonderful to see how He did it.

Lori said...

I think back to a few days before that day, too. I was at your house and he was talking about a promotion that would have him leaving the country often if he took it/got it. I remember saying, "Do you really want to do that?" For me, I was thinking of him leaving his family more. After the accident, he worked from home more and didn't take/get that different job. I know he still traveled, but remember thinking about that conversation after the accident.

I also think about visiting the hospital once he got back and just how many people you had surrounding you. Your faith and strength were an inspiration to me, as well as to all of those around you.

I'm glad you scrapbooked the old fashioned way. What a special way to see the blessings of the Lord that have come from this horrible tragic time. God worked in that accident and continues to do so, even 10 years later.