Wednesday, October 21, 2015


This week I'm getting to know a little bit of North Carolina, a place I've never been for any length of time.  Durham, NC, is the home of Duke University.  It's a gorgeous campus!  While the Hubs is in meetings, I've been admiring the place.  This is the famous Duke Chapel.  Built in 1932, one of the last Gothic style chapels built.  It was under reconstruction so I couldn't tour the inside but the outside is pretty impressive!

Favorite quote overheard while following some students:  

"What is that awesome college on the west coast?  I toured it, I can't remember the name...oh, Pepperdine.  Now that was an incredible place!  It's so amazing, right on the beach..."

I had to laugh.  While they are attending this beautiful university, walking by this awesome piece of gothic architecture, they are talking about how awesome Pepperdine is?  Doesn't matter what it is, the grass is always greener on the other side, huh?

There's an 11-acre garden on the campus, Sarah Duke Gardens.  Even though there's not a lot blooming right now, it's still really beautiful and I spent two mornings walking here:


Michelle said...

Did you see Coach K? Jeremy wants to go to visit Duke so bad, maybe someday we will make it!

Lori said...

Beautiful place!