Wednesday, September 30, 2015


To think that I'm in my 50's now, and my kids are practically grown up!!!  Here's what they've been up to lately:

My married daughter is now officially an Arizonan (I guess that's what they call themselves)!  She is living with her Hubs in a very remote area just minutes from the Grand Canyon.  She has some job prospects right now and is enjoying being reunited with him and the dog.  They are still working on their Tiny House Bus - not really living in it yet.

My oldest son is still working on building his videography business, and on the side, has started a mobile coffee service with his cousin!  Good thing his girl likes coffee!

Our youngest is multi-tasking too, as he attempts to go to college and work on his various projects like the snow-cone business and odd jobs. He is constantly moving!  His latest effort is revamping the Mystery Machine for the business.  He just took these "before" pictures.

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Lori said...

It's definitely a different season of life for you and for them! It's great seeing what they are up to :).