Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Yes, we do.  Sometimes we can't see past ourselves.  Everything we do is for our good.  We make rash decisions on bad advice.  The only thing that matters is NOW.

I'm in the middle of an Esther study and am learning so much!  Sometimes the Old Testament Bible stories are worth a second look (and third, and fourth).  One of the characters we studied was King Xerxes.  He was a tyrant!  Almost everything we know about him is that he was power-hungry and loved his wine.  He loved his wine so much it impaired his thinking...and he used his power frivolously.  The girls chosen for his harem were never reunited with their families.  Women were used and disposed of - only Esther was able to influence him for good. God worked through her to save his people.  One of the application questions at the end of the lesson asked us if we were like Xerxes in any way...and my knee-jerk reaction was well, ABSOLUTELY NOT!!

But I have to stop and examine myself:

Do I choose pleasure over responsibility?
Do I believe everything I hear?
Do I have a problem with anger-management?
Do I surround myself with wise counsel?
Do I make rash decisions?   

We all would like to say, "Absolutely not," but truthfully there are some things here that we need to stop and think about.

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Lori said...

That is one of my very favorite stories. Yes, I'm guilty of being a Xerxes at times, too. Good study questions!