Wednesday, February 5, 2014


My son received a candy bouquet at the Follies talent show recently, and it was so cute!  I don't know why I had never thought of this, all these years my kids have been in performing arts! (Actually I think I probably had seen them but was too frugal or thinking something healthier) I usually give them some candy and some gift cards, along with a proud parent note.  But now you know, this is the perfect bouquet for a boy!

All you need is about 20 different candies, 20 wooden skewers, cellophane, and ribbon!  Tape each candy onto a wooden skewer, gather them together and secure, and you have a candy bouquet!  Fake flowers can be added if wanted.  Wrap in cellophane and finish with a big bow.

If you need more instructions, I'm sure you could find them on pinterest, and I'm thinking how fun it would be to make a gift card bouquet for some special occasion!