Friday, September 25, 2015


Have you seen Butternut squash vases?  Pinterest gets me busy again!  :)

I found this recently when looking for ideas for a fall bridal shower.  In the meantime, since I was hosting a luncheon after Bible study this week and I saw Butternut squash on sale for $.59 lb., I thought it was time to give this a try!

You just cut off the top and hollow out a little, like a pumpkin.

I picked some flowers from my garden.  I'm sure if I paid for some fancy flowers they'd be even cuter.  But I was pretty happy with them.

If you want them to last longer, you can insert a test tube (Hobby Lobby) as a little vase inside the squash.  I decided for my purposes not to do that.  But the flowers did wilt quickly.  I think it's because the flowers are delicate, but maybe because the water I put in the squash absorbed into it.  

Anyway, it was a fun touch to our luncheon!

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