Tuesday, September 8, 2015


What's a splurge for you???  Funny thing about it, it's different for everybody, based on your lifestyle and past experiences.  With my husband's job, we've grown used to having hotel points because of the travel with his job.  So most of our vacation spots involve some branch of Marriott hotel.  We are used to a standard service that is very good.  But we are frugal with our points and it's not often we use them on the fancy resorts.

This past weekend we vacationed with our friends from Tennessee, Tulsa, and Edmond that we spend time with every other year since we were all married the same summer back in 1983.  The Tennessee folks planned this weekend getaway in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  We had been there once before, skiing with our kids, but it was long ago, so I was happy to go again and do some different things!  The hotel picked out was a SPLURGE - right in the heart of town, a historic place just oozing with character.  It was LaFonda on the Plaza.  I have to say, it was gorgeous and even though I wasn't thrilled at the price, after one step inside, I loved it and being in that setting with our dear friends was worth every penny.  Take a look:

 Our room - beautiful with original artwork and every room with a different handprinted headboard, gorgeous light fixtures, etc.

A wonderful remodeled bathroom with the sliding door - so pretty but not the greatest functionality-wise.  But who really needs that on a vacation?

 Even the halls had the theme going on...
 The fireplace

Another hallway - and there were lots of shops and restaurants on the perimeter of the building.

There was a restaurant/atrium in the middle and it had a lot of painted glass panels all around it.  Just gorgeous! I loved seeing this every day!  

View of a 300 year old church out our window

Splurging is fun once in a while but I think I'm going to need to remember to keep everything in perspective and not expect it or need it as I get older!  I have heard a sermon before about splurging for God.  It's a good thing, a convicting thing, to think about...

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