Friday, August 14, 2015


When you have three kids in their 20's, you can expect a fair amount of wedding festivities!  We've been to five weddings this summer.  We even tried to plan our summer around them because I really wanted to support these kids that are special to us!  I decided I would post a few pics from each of them on one post.  

Our niece Tara's wedding in a castle in Texas!

I loved the cakes displayed on a vintage dresser.
Some of the table decor that unfortunately wasn't used because of stormy weather.

Kendall & Logan's wedding at a nearby wedding venue.  The wedding was outside and everything else in this barn style reception room.
They had different desserts for the reception.  Cute video guy!  (my boy)

Their photographer took pictures of everyone that went through the food line - which I thought is kind of a neat thing for them to remember who all was there. I love this photographer who somehow didn't get my double chin in the picture!  :)

Pictures on a pallet and home-made laundry soap to take home!  (I already used the soap!)

Evelyn's wedding was the only one indoors - at a church in Tennessee.
Our daughter flew in from Denver!

Lots of friends from OK came to wish her well!

The popcorn bar was one of my favorite things at the reception!

 Here we are back at the local wedding barn venue for Bethany & Bryce!

 My son and a bunch of his high school friends!

They had a little donut tower in addition to Mexican food and parfaits.  

I think this wedding was my favorite and part of it was because I knew many of the guests and hadn't seen some of them for a while.  But they had the most beautiful, sincere vows!  They sent each guest home with a CD of their favorite songs (they are both performers) and I got a succulent from a bridesmaid later.  :)
My son and his GF who was a bridesmaid!

Another beautiful outdoor wedding at the bride's home!  Cassie and Lee said their vows on the side of the yard and a beautiful chandelier hung in the trees.

There was a lot of bling at this wedding and the reception was a dessert reception around the pool in the backyard.  
This final picture is one of all the different chocolate sweets at Lee's shower that I helped with.   Hope you enjoyed the wedding round-up!


Lori said...

It's fun to see what all the kids are doing in their weddings these days. And it's neat how they each personalize it to make it their own. Thanks for sharing!

Lori said...

Love weddings!