Tuesday, August 25, 2015


 Meet Tucker.
 Tucker belongs to my SIL and daughter and they are moving to Arizona soon.  We went to help do some moving, and got to meet Tucker.  I am not a dog person.  Mainly because I have been attacked a couple of times.  
 Tucker impressed me because he doesn't bark much or lick you to death!  I decided he might be okay.  We even took him on a walk!

When we went to visit the Grand Canyon one evening, we took Tucker with us.  Tucker liked my lap.  

I decided Tucker was a cool dog.  My family couldn't believe it.
OK, so Tucker did bark.  He barked at all the elk we saw in the park!

Tucker taught me a lesson.  I think sometimes we write people off kinda like me and my prior experiences with dogs.  For a long time I have had no interest in dogs.  I should be more open to new people and give them a chance.  Given a little time you can see good in almost everyone and they'll grow on you...kinda like Tucker.


dwaugh said...

Yay! This makes me happy!

Lori said...

That's great!! I dislike "licking me" dogs, too! That top pic of Tucker is so cute!! Glad you made a new friend :).