Saturday, March 15, 2014


Well the year has just wrapped up for my Thursday morning Bible study!  This school year we studied three short books:  Philippians, Ruth, and Esther.  It was a good study and I'm amazed when you think you know a Bible story what more you can learn!  We ended our year with a luncheon where every group decorates their own table in any way they choose...

This is most of my Bible study group this year.  After studying Ruth & Esther, I declared our table "Rustic Elegance," with thoughts of Ruth the laborer and Esther the queen.

I was excited to use the doilies on top of the burlap.  They were donated to our Women's Fellowship Committee at church by a woman whose mother had made lots of doilies.  When her mother passed she didn't want to get rid of them but she had way too many, so she asked me if the church could use them.    I made place cards for everyone with a verse from a song on them and little doily flowers from Hobby Lobby.

This hot pink and black table was a large group and their leader made little framed monograms for each lady in the group at their place settings. 

 This table was about royalty (Esther) using a purple and gold theme.  The framed verse challenges us as women to "wherever God has placed you to be useful for Him!"

Pop of green table

             The "Ruth" table and the "Esther" table!

 Love this navy and orange color scheme!

 Easter table!  Lots of fun color!

The wheat table (Ruth)

Persian treasures (Esther) table


Amy said...

Wow what amazing ideas and creative people. Looks like a super group of women. You are blessed.

Michelle said...

How fun! I always miss being a part of CWBS!