Saturday, March 29, 2014


Yesterday was kind of unusual...and we are gearing up for some more today!  Our college son asked us if some friends of his could use our house for filming (they are video production majors) and we said "sure."  We've let our son do this before but there were only a few people involved.  This time it's about 10 + teacher and lots of equipment!  Kinda crazy!  I think the teacher came to grade each one performing their part of the production.  Thankful for that...  We escaped for a few hours by going to a movie we knew nothing about.  Noah - if you're looking forward to a biblical account, forget it.

 Equipment everywhere
 Kids everywhere

My Easter decor they moved, mixed in with a few pizzas...time to escape!

We also attended the funeral of a woman from church who died suddenly of a heart attack.  I wish I had known her better but she and her husband had moved here from Shawnee a few years ago to be closer to their kids.  She was an actress, a respected teacher, and loving grandmother.  It was a very interesting service, with her spouse wearing a white tuxedo!  The family had asked everyone to wear bright Easter colors.  Her birthday was always around Easter and she died around Easter and believed in our resurrected Savior, Jesus Christ.  So appropriate.  Yesterday, the day of her funeral, was the day they had planned to leave on vacation for a European cruise.  Life happens and plans change.  It was a reminder to us to always be ready and we left encouraged to live our lives more like Him.


Lori said...

Yes, funerals are often a time of refocusing and resetting our priorities. On the Noah movie, this is what Rick Warren tweeted on March 16--"Director of new Noah movie calls it 'The LEAST biblical film ever made' then uses F word referring to those wanting Bible-based." Enough said.

The 5 Arbuckle's said...

I have a slight understanding of the equipment use in filming after they did Ben's video.

We met the man and wife from the funeral at a Blood Institute Banquet about 2 years ago. They were really nice. Unfortunately our paths haven't crossed since.