Thursday, March 6, 2014


That is the advice from my son's musical director the past few weeks!  It is what I've been doing with the meals for the cast and crew this week, too.  The show opens tonight and I can hardly wait!  The few scenes I've gotten a look at while being up there the last few days has me giddy.  I have watched most of these kids the last four years and seen them grow and mature.  I've watched them play different roles and sing songs and applauded them as they performed.  Not only that but my son has a great role, Reverend Shaw.  He plays the concerned preacher, the angry parent, the town influence.  The last show of my son's high school career and it's bittersweet for sure.

For this show I've been making little mementos for the cast.  The hubs cut the wood squares for me and I decoupaged tissue paper on each one.  There's a quote on each side.  When they're finished they'll have a bead and a little hook on the top, so it can be a Christmas ornament or even a rearview mirror decoration.  I chose two memorable lines from the musical.  Lines that even have meaning for us, living our lives today.

Enjoy "Footloose Philosophy":

  - Reverend Shaw

 - Ren

So if you haven't see the advertising anywhere, consider this your invitation!
March 6, 7, 8
EMHS Auditorium
7:00 p.m.
$10 adults
$7 students
Open seating


Amy said...

Oh how I wish we could be there to see this! You are one awesome woman doing all that you are doing! Enjoy!!

Michelle said...

How fun! You're such a good musical mom, they will miss you next year!!

Amy Arbuckle said...

Wow, you've been busy.