Wednesday, October 19, 2016


One thing I love about weddings is when the couple chooses to incorporate family traditions or things from their parents' weddings into their own.  It's such a sweet way to honor their family and in a sense, thank them for bringing them to this point in their lives!

I don't have many pictures yet, and didn't ask anyone to take candids for me at the wedding, so those are still to come. Here's a few we took and a glimpse into some of the sweet ways they honored the family:
I made all the bouquets/bouts/corsages for the wedding except for her bouquet.  She wanted us to tie on as streamers some lace taken from her mother and grandmother's wedding dress! 

In the actual ceremony, the song, "Sunrise, Sunset," was a recording of her grandfather singing it acapella, recorded in 1981 for her parent's wedding!  It was awesome!  He didn't even recognize it was his voice at the rehearsal.  A piano song she composed a few years ago was recorded also, and all the wedding party entered on that song.  We sang congregationally "Come Thou Fount," as the couple took communion during the ceremony.  I loved it!

I wore my grandmother's pearl necklace and earrings that my aunt let me borrow.  My grandmother Flora passed just about 5 years ago, and she really loved my son because he has a special way of acknowledging older people.  The Hubs wore a polka dot tie our son got him.  It's the first time he's ever worn polka dots and I loved it - made him look youthful!

Our gorgeous daughter - just because!

My son had taken his bride out a few times in this classic convertible Corvair that belonged to my Dad - although he's been gone 15 years, my mother has lovingly kept it and driven it occasionally.  Our friend got it repaired so they could leave the wedding in it!

It was special to us that these friends came from Tennessee and Tulsa to celebrate with us!  We were all married the same summer and were in a Bible study together for years (one couple is missing because they are teaching in Europe this semester).  As each couple moved away, we continued our friendship by vacationing together every other year, with all our kids.  We all try to attend the weddings of our children and continue to support each other however we can!

This is from Rehearsal Dinner (my previous post).  All the cobalt blue glass decorations were part of my mother, aunt, and friend's collection.  I was so excited to get to use it, and I think they enjoyed the fact that it was used in this way.

What fun/hardwork it's been - but totally worth it!


Lori said...

His singing of Sunrise, Sunset was beautiful and so great he's here to witness that being used :). I didn't realize that about the song the attendants walked in to. I can't remember it now, but wish I had paid more attention to it! I love that they used the Corvair. So special.

Amy said...

It all sounds so lovely. I think the personal, sentimental touches are so special. Beautiful!!