Sunday, October 30, 2016


A blessed life
Playing house on the rock
Venturing to the creek nearby
Hearing Indians playing their drums
Only to find out it was the oil well in the next field
The big cottonwood tree
Finding treasures from years gone by
The tire swing and the teeter totter
A tree house
All lovingly made by my Dad
Railroad ties for landscaping
Cats and pet rabbits and just one dog
Even a baby squirrel we tried to nurse back to health
Pet funerals
Falling out of a tree, flat on my face
Black eyes where my glasses hit me
Walking on cable spools
Cable spool outdoor table
And cable spool nightstand
The zigzag tree
Picking strawberries what seemed like hours
Taking the scraps to the compost
Helping Dad rototill the garden
Meals Dad proudly proclaimed all from our garden
Having weinie roasts
The sunflower kitchen with the bay window
Cathedral ceiling in the living room
The face in the wood of the door
The sparkles on the ceiling
The mysterious nail in the living room beam
My pink bedroom
Mom's pretty decorating with each season
Cleaning on Saturdays
My parents disgusted with my room
The trauma of a dog bite
The fear of the neighbor with the dogs
The neighbor who taught me piano
Countless neighbors who hired me as a babysitter
Making neighborhood friends
Gravel roads
Appalled at the lack of sidewalks
Our big hill
Bike wrecks
Growing up with plenty of space
To explore, live and dream
Running the car into the air conditioner unit
The trampoline
My date who split his pants on it
And a proposal a few months later
Years of holidays and celebrations
Living there again, a few months with my family of five
While our new home was being finished
Dad's final days
In the front bedroom
Mom alone,fifteen more years
A good place, a loving home
Enhanced by Christian parents
Consistent in love

My reflections of my childhood home as I help my mother move out of it after living there 43 years!


Lori said...

Very poignant! I could cry buckets! What a neat way to memorialize your time in your growing-up home.

Lori said...

I'm sad and nostalgic about it, and I've only been there once. Sweet and precious memories! Bittersweet, I'm sure. Thankful she's here and able to go somewhere she can adjust to and learn to enjoy. New memories to be made for her, for her family, and the family who will soon live in this home. May it bring great memories for them, as well.

Chellie said...

I have been wanting to tell you that we looked at your mom's house, having no idea at first who it belonged to. What a wonderful home. I guess we were the first family that went to see it the day it was listed. I loved the property! Brixton played on those huge rocks out front and had a blast. I loved the feel of the whole area. It wasn't the right timing for us, but I wish it could have been. I'm sure the buyer will make wonderful memories there as well.

Chellie said...

Oh and Brixton thought it was pretty cool that the ceilings sparkled ;)

Wa Wa Waughs said...

I'm sorry it didn't work out Chellie! I heard there was a bidding war. :(