Monday, September 1, 2014


I didn't want to call myself a Vegas virgin.  Virgin is just not one of those words I grew up saying and still don't like it when people call themselves that when they do anything for the first time!  Call me old-fashioned.  

I never really wanted to go to "Sin City" and thought maybe I'd just never go to know what I was missing.  Why tempt yourself?  But the opportunity came up to go with the Hubs on a business trip and I decided to go, even if it was just about sitting by the pool with a book.  What I saw was a weird assortment of man-made monuments and a lot of fake stuff.  Some places even had fake grass in front of their hotel (understandable in the desert, I guess).  Lots of people gambling and others on the sidewalk trying to get your attention. During the days when the Hubs was in meetings, I spent my time walking the strip and looking at the beautiful hotel lobbies and themed shopping areas.  I also did spend a little time reading at the pool every day.  We ate dinner at some great restaurants - Emeril's was the best!  Probably my favorite thing was the fountain show at the Bellagio hotel.  The fountains are choreographed to music and lit up at night.  I got teary-eyed listening to "I'm Proud to be an American" with the fountains dancing to it.  I think that's the ONLY reason I might go back.

Since I didn't have a phone with a camera, not too many pictures were taken - another thing not to worry about!  :)  The Hubs did take a few:

We stayed at the MGM - they had this boxing ring in the lobby.

 A snail made of flowers in Bellagio Conservatory
 The Fountain show at Bellagio

 Jean-Phillipe Pattisserie's Chocolate fountain at Bellagio
 Gorgeous cakes too!
Our last night we went up in the Stratosphere to eat at Top of the World!

 You could bungee jump or ride a couple of rides off the side of the tower.  Crazy!

The view was gorgeous by the time we finished dinner - Las Vegas all lit up!

 Stratosphere lit up 


Amy said...

Wow! Lots of interesting things to look at! We stopped a few years ago on a trip to California. Strange place and dark feeling. Looks like you had fun- I would have loved to be at the top of that tower with that view. Nice!

OK Chick said...

Ten years ago, my family went to Vegas. We had a great time. Sister #2 was 11, but we never had trouble finding family friendly activities. Our favorite was visiting the Hoover Dam and M&M Factory.