Monday, September 15, 2014


Hard to believe, but I've been playing Bunko for 20 years now!  That adds up to about 240 parties!  There are a few of us that have been in the group the whole time; others were added in as people moved.  Since I've been a SAHM most of those years, this has been one of my primary social occasions and it's been such a blessing to me.  Mommas just need to have a night with the girls once in a while!  We always share concerns and pray for each other, along with eating good food. We've gone from sharing birth stories to menopause...I've learned so much from these friends!

For our 20th Anniversary party, we decided not to do the "Roaring 20's" but everyone had to wear 20 things and there would be some prizes for that besides the regular Bunko prizes.  We also had a t-shirt design so we can order those.  Some of us were pretty creative!

Showing off our 20s

20 pins

20 hair things


Me and my Bestie

 20 pieces of jewelry

Reading Bunko memories

Funny prizes for some funny people!


OK Chick said...

Those cookies look amazing!!

Lori said...

Looks like a lot of fun! I think I went to a few of those in the early/beginning years!

Amy Arbuckle said...