Thursday, September 25, 2014


This week we had our September RefresHER at church!  One of our youngest classes at church put it on, and they did a great job.  Their coordinator asked a lot of questions along the way, but I appreciated it because she paid such attention to detail.  Sometimes those of us who have done it before think we don't need help because we are experienced and then we forget important things.

Their theme was "You can lean on me" and was about giving comfort in times of grief.  The speaker, also from their class, was really dynamic and shared how in her first 5 years of marriage she and her husband lost both their mothers.  She lost hers two months after the birth of her first child and two months before her sister's wedding.  Talk about stress!  It wasn't a tear-jerker though, she handled it very well and focused on ways to comfort.

I'm so thankful for Christian women who are willing to share their time and talents with others!

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Love the pictures and the theme!