Saturday, September 20, 2014


Our college freshman was in a show they call Freshman Fanfare!  It came just in time, we needed some laughs!  There were some serious musicians in it, but mostly just fun group acts and some comedy from the emcees.  Great way to start the weekend!
 His GF, a sophomore, was one of the directors.  She is a great choreographer!
 The shirt

 He's got attitude - learned those great facial expressions from his brother or from high school performance!

These two have been friends since...well, since birth!

 Who can resist a guy with a guitar?
 This guy from Washington was amazing, singing "Gravity".

 A Rwandan student (middle) sang an African worship song - very cool!
 Our boy also played bass on the Beatles medley.  Fun to get to see him performing on this stage!


Michelle said...

Oh Freshman Fanfare....the cause of my first broken bone....I broke my heel doing a toe touch in rehersal....just like that one time I broke my foot, just a hair over and I would've had to have major surgery. I miss OC shows!

OK Chick said...

I always enjoyed watching Freshman Fanfare. It looked like a fun evening.

Lori said...

Would have liked to have seen it! I'm sure it was great!

Amy said...

Wow. you have such talented kiddos. Wish I could see him perform!

Amy Arbuckle said...

We went over to watch it Sat. night at 7:00 pm to find the parking lot empty. LOL!