Thursday, June 12, 2014


This  morning I lay in bed looking at the blinking clock, not knowing what time it was since the power had gone off due to storms during the night, I smiled to myself and realized the dreaded birthday was here.  Today I am 50 years old!  I thankfully prayed to God for all the years, the blessings and for what is even greater to come.  I thought about how I was planning to spend my birthday and contemplated how we hold onto youth.  I now regularly color my hair to look younger, take medicine regularly to hold Lupus at bay, hope vitamins and hormones will retain my vitality, go occasionally for a spa treatment...all for what?  I thanked God for his TRUE MEDICINE.  His medicine that is a cure for all.  Medicine that never runs out.  His love because of the sacrifice of his precious Son is all we really need to hold onto.

I admit I am still thinking/praying/contemplating about the "second half of life" and I'm sure it's not just because of my 50th birthday - it's magnified because of the graduations of my sons lately and the empty nest looming on the horizon.  I've been reading HERE and asking myself a lot of questions about these things:

Even though my husband was out of town, I had a wonderful day!  I received sweet phone calls, texts and Facebook messages.   I didn't pick up a thing today...just let the mess sit there!  I exercised, ate well, got a new book to read, then headed to the spa...
Love a good massage and facial!

 I got a good laugh over this card from a relative!

 Finally, I had emailed friends about seeing movie, so we met for frozen yogurt first, then went to see "The Fault in our Stars."  I had read the book, so I knew what I was in for...and it did not disappoint!

One of the themes from the movie that especially resonated with me today was that we may not be significant to the world, but we CAN be significant to SOMEONE.  Having friends and being a friend, being a loving spouse or a caring parent makes you significant! 



Michelle said...

Looks like you had a great time celebrating your birthday!! Glad you had a good day!

Amy said...

Happy late Birthday. Sounds like it was the perfect day. :)