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What would happen if you lost your child, only to find out later she grew up without you?  A story with lots of twists and turns.  This wasn't my favorite, but the story kept me in its grip.  I had to finish it.


I've been perusing the library lately trying to find the best book about organization and decluttering.  This one helps you think about not only your stuff that clutters up your life but also time clutter in your schedule.  It cites different examples of people working through the process and helps you see yourself in them.  This one is really helpful.

THE ART OF FALLING by Kathryn Craft

The first couple of chapters had me wondering but I kept with it.  A wonderful story about a dancer who struggles with her body image, relationships, and finally learns what it is to really live from an unlikely friendship.  I enjoyed getting into a dancer's mind and the world of dance in this one!

UNREMARRIED WIDOW by Artis Henderson

A story of love and grief - the author finds herself in love with an Army man and after a few short years with him, she loses him in a helicopter accident in Iraq.  It chronicles her feelings through the process and how she eventually realizes her dream job as a writer.

CALLED AGAIN by Jennifer Pharr Davis

I absolutely loved this one!  This is my third book I've read about hiking or going on a journey since I went on Wilderness Trek a couple of summers ago, and this one is by far the best.  Jennifer Pharr Davis set the record in 2011 for hiking the Appalachian Trail in 46 days. It details her adventure.  How was this possible?  She had a great support team to walk alongside her at times and help her so she wouldn't have to carry a heavy backpack.

Some of my favorite quotes:  "Do you think that being a woman helps you to be a better trail runner?  I asked.  What do you mean? Anne replied.  Well I was just thinking about it, and it seems to me like Mother Nature forces us to take breaks.  Whether it is a monthly break for our cycle or a seasonal one to have children, we're not always expected to perform at our best.  It's like we have an excuse to take breaks.  I almost feel bad for men who have the pressure competing at a high level all the time."

"Reaching for a life-long goal was rare enough, but actually being able to grab onto it seemed too good to be true.  I was currently in a half-aware haze of turning my aspirations into a reality.  It was a difficult and tangled but also beautiful and liberating place to be.  And now I wondered, and even feared, what it would be like to wake up."

Out of this bunch, Called Again was my favorite 
and Shed your Stuff the most helpful!  Happy reading!

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Amy said...

Ok, I love that you are a reader. I was just needing some new material. I will sure pick up those two and get to reading! Thank you!