Monday, September 2, 2013


A recommendation from my college roommate who is also a doctor - 
some interesting experiments are cited in here in addition to some interesting findings.  I admit I skipped over some of it and went straight to the chapter on losing weight.  :)

Loved it - he speaks my language!  Quick read.

Couldn't put this one down!  
Recommended by my daughter, I related to it because of 
the little wilderness trek we did last summer.  
I will say it is more about her 
emotional journey than her actual trek in California.  

I thought I was getting a neat travel book 
but this one too, is about grief.  Gets you inside
the catholic mind.  


Mark Brewer said...

Always need good book recommendations. Thanks!

Amy said...

Hey friend! Those look really interesting. Wanna meet half way in between your house and mine for coffee? Sounds good. :)

Michelle said...

hmmm, I should read that last one. Almost all of our friends here in Newkirk are Catholic. I saw Dan this am at Starbucks, he was supposed to tell you hi for me!

Wa Wa Waughs said...

Amy, yes!
Michelle, he forgot but oh, well. yes, read that book!