Wednesday, July 24, 2013


When each one of my kids has gotten baptized, I wanted to recognize their decision with a gift.  I'm pretty sure I got the idea from this friend's grandparents - once I saw in her cousin's room a framed print - and his mother explained it was from the grandparents, on the occasion of her son's baptism.  It was a print of a poster from Colorado, where he was baptized.  I loved the idea of whenever a person saw it, it would remind them of the time when they made that special decision!

I went to Mardel Monday morning and found a couple of things that I hope my son will always cherish and remember:

Crosses are popular now, and there will be something cooler in the future...but I feel like he can  put this up in his closet or wherever to see every day!

I pored over the books to find something to meet his needs right now.  I found this neat little book of "100 Three Word Ways to be like Jesus"- an easy read with scriptures to help him continue to transform into a Jesus-follower!

Here's an excerpt!

Just an idea - however little these gifts are - recognizing our family members when they make good decisions is always a good thing in my book!


Summer Lashley said...

I love this idea! Judi made each of her kids a scrapbook of all the cards and notes they received congratulating them for the decision. I still get And's out and read it sometimes and love seeing notes from men that are now on his elder committee. My roomate's parents bought her a church dress on her spiritual birthday every year and I liked that too.

Anyway, congrats. You have a beautiful family. Love you!

The 5 Arbuckle's said...

Neat ideas!