Friday, January 18, 2013


SAVOY CABBAGE, FONTINA, AND RYE BREAD!  I enjoyed the taste of the soup.  I had forgotten how good Rye bread is with cheese.  The cabbage cooked in chicken broth was okay too.  But when layered like a lasagna, then baked for 45 minutes, the rye bread on the bottom was just too slippery to stomach.  It was a real problem with the texture.  My DH couldn't take it - had to make himself an omelet!  So this one is a NO, NEVER AGAIN.
I did learn more about cabbage - Savoy is a particular kind of cabbage that is a little sweeter than our normal green cabbage, leafier, and named for a region in Italy.  Unfortunately I couldn't find it.  Fontina is similar to Swiss cheese.  So I guess if I am not expanding my tastes, I am expanding my brain!

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