Monday, October 29, 2012


For a few years now, I've been helping the teenagers with the Fall Festival at our church. Trunk or Treat was added a while back, open to anyone in the church to do.  Sometimes we were overrun with teens so this year, the juniors/seniors were asked to do a "trunk" out in the parking lot.  Several did that so that seemed to ease the problem of having too many teens on site.  Anyway, I'm so proud of them for stepping out and greeting little kids, playing the carnival games with them, and cheering them on.  With a little pep talk right before the event, they did a great job!  Be sure and thank the teens you know and give them some positive strokes!  This is one of the few activities that span the generations - so good for everyone.
This was a new game we tried and it was pretty popular!  From Martha

Rapunzel and her prince work the Lollipop tree- yum!

A redheaded Snow White working putt-putt!

What's up the elephants nose - a classic!
First time trunk or treat workers! My cute clown - incidentally he picked this out of our costume closet. My mother actually made this costume for my first year of teaching so she was tickled to see it being used again!


Amy said...

What a fun time!! You guys did good.

Lori said...

Such neat ideas! Great to get the teens involved.