Saturday, January 21, 2012


makes me happy.  Sometimes makes me teary-eyed.  Especially when you watch a group of people sing that you know.  Something really sweet about that.  It means a lot more.  I don't know how the teacher holds it together sometimes!  Wonder if God looks down when we assemble and sing praises and smiles at the words and expressive faces and sweet hearts he sees?

In the Vocal music world around here, we have OMEA convention and several rounds of auditions for performances.  It is a lot of work on difficult music and different languages and quite an honor to be selected.  Our local boys at Memorial, including our son, were selected to sing for the convention.  It is performed at a beautiful church in Tulsa.  When you step inside, you might feel like you are in Europe at an old cathedral.  Wonderful acoustics but hard wooden seats!  We watched several of the groups sing.  They performed with passion and it was a great evening.

Not only that but we made an evening of it by eating downtown.  I can recommend Elote, an organic Mexican place.  Really interesting and fresh tasting food!  The icing on the cake was my college roommate meeting us at the concert and going for coffee afterwards.  It was a beautiful evening!
Puffy tacos with sweet potatoes cooked in molasses and corn 
(I thought the sweet potatoes were cubed meat)
                                     Thanks honey for taking me to Tulsa!
                             Thanks boys for showing us your passion for music!


Unknown said...

I'm sure it was beautiful! That food sounds really good, too. Glad you got to visit with your roommate. I hope she is doing well.

OK Chick said...

Cute picture of you and Dan. The church is beautiful. What a neat place to perform.

Amy said...

So very wonderful! They sound beautiful. The food looked great and your faces showed it was a fun night out! Hope Dan's ankle is getting better! Blessings!
Oh, we are finally back up and running. whew...