Sunday, May 1, 2011


This year for the OKC Memorial Marathon we ended up having a slumber party the night before!! We had our college girl home with two friends to run sleeping upstairs, and four 15 year old boys sleeping in the living room. Don't know how well they all slept, but we didn't have any problems getting everyone up and going by 5:15 am.! With the cold temps, rain, and wind, it wasn't ideal, but we all finished the half-marathon. In fact the boys finished an hour before me and when we finally got them on the cell phone they had been inside a local church eating pancakes! This one will go down as the most memorable with the squishy tennis shoes and frozen fingers!
The boys representing EMHS Track Team!
Harding girls running for Oklahoma Christian!
The freaky lipped hubs and me!
My two dear friends who walked when I needed to walk...I finally released them to finish ahead of me and promptly made a new friend from Pampa, Texas, who was walking also. But I made it!

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Lori said...

Great job, everyone!