Thursday, April 7, 2011


So I was thinking about what should be my next blog post, and I came across these pictures I took of an event recently. Our Bible class decided that it would nice to honor our elders and their wives at a dinner. Each table was decorated with the hostesses own china/stoneware, and we had a delicious dinner along with a little entertainment. It was a fun evening and we enjoyed the opportunity! Here's a look at my favorite tables:

Leopard print
Spring flowers with different colored napkins
Imported blue pottery
Pink paisley

Which one's your favorite?


Catherine said...

I'm a sucker for the Polish pottery, with all the different and interesting patterns that some how manage to all go together.

Summer said...

I, too, love polish pottery and the elephants were great.

This is a fabulous idea!

The 5 Arbuckle's said...

I have 2 pieces of Polish pottery. What a unique way of decorating for a special dinner.

Lori said...

I thought they were all great and unique, but my personal favorite is the spring table setting.

Michelle said...

How fun.... that was a hard one to pick, but I think the Christmas time and Elephants were my fave.

Gavan said...

The animal print is my style! Love it!