Saturday, November 28, 2009


and it goes something like this...

WEDNESDAY: Most everyone in the family arrives for the Wednesday night SINGING at church. A whole hour of different song leaders leading us in praise! It's a lot of fun because our family loves to sing and about 15 of the song leaders are from our family. The youngest was 7 years old! After that we head over to my in-law's house for a dinner of appetizers and start playing 42 and Liverpool!

THURSDAY: It begins with the "Turkey Trot" 5K race out to the cemetery and back! Here we are waiting for the kids to run in from their "Fun Run!"

Here's a part of our group enjoying the Thanksgiving meal...can you see the new construction? We're excited for this because they host 30-40 relatives each year for this event!

After the meal, there's the PUMPKIN BASHING around the corner at Uncle Joe and Aunt Lori's house. Every year they grow lots of pumpkins just for this event! We initiated a new in-law this year by letting him hit the first pumpkin. Little did he know the most rotten one was selected just for him. It went everywhere! Here's a pic of my daughter and her cousin taking their traditional "standing on the biggest pumpkin" picture and also one of her turns at bat!

After the excitement there's a lot of game playing...42 and Liverpool Rummy, mostly! But this year we learned a new game, Take Two, and The Last Word.

I can't believe I'm seeing this...our boys have graduated past the toys in Grandmother's toy room, played years of card games, and now are into the real mans' game...42!

FRIDAY: It's not over yet! Shopping for some and the movies for all! We went to Lawton and saw SCROOGE. Definitely worth seeing even if you have seen it a million times! We feel like we own the theater when we're all there together!

GOD IS GOOD! We are thankful for fun times with our family. This year was especially meaningful because my husband's father is doing well with his chemo treatments, new construction which gives us more room is exciting, EVERYONE got to be there, even the Tennessee group, and SURPRISE! The first great-grand baby is on its way...due next summer! Congrats to my niece, Shanelle!


Gena said...

I can't imagine a family doing a turkey trot on Thanksgiving. We would have about 3 willing participants. That's great.

Janell said...

I love that you all get together. My family just doesn't do that anymore and I really miss it. Glad you had such a great Thanksgiving!